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Gunnar PC Glasses Review: Style to the rescue

Starting at $49.99 Gunnar Optiks has been a leading name in safety glasses designed to reduce the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome, and we were given a few pair to test out to see if their…

Lenovo Legion 5I Review: A solid battle station for most gamers

Desktop computers often feel overlooked by both consumers and reviewers alike.  Part of that reason feels twofold, we live in a world where we are constantly on the go.  throwing the laptop in the bag, or…

Dell 24 Touch - Hero

Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor Review: So close

Starting at $419.99 Windows 11 has been subtlety adding features to the operating systems reinvented touch experience, and the Dell 24 Touch USB-Monitor is amongst a handful of devices that truly showcase how far Microsoft’s development…

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