Celebrate Halloween via Microsoft 365 apps!

Devesh Beri

Minecraft Dungeons Halloween Hero Screenshot (custom)

Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are coming up soon, and Microsoft 365 apps offer fun ways to celebrate.

Spooky Videos

  1. Frightening Live Video: Use the Recording Studio feature in PowerPoint to create your live video stream and share it with friends and family.
  2. Virtual Get-Together: Host a virtual Halloween or Day of the Dead Teams call to showcase your costumes and candy haul or to honour loved ones.
  3. Cameo in PowerPoint: Organize and share party or costume ideas using the cameo feature in PowerPoint.
  4. Double Camera Streams: Use two video camera streams with Teams, sharing content with one camera while staying connected with friends and family using the other.

Haunting Sketches and Party Planning

  1. Classroom Layout: Use OneNote to draw sketches of the classroom and where different activities will take place during your Halloween or Day of the Dead celebration.
  2. Character Sketches: Create sketches of Halloween or Day of the Dead characters and add them to a banner to welcome guests.
  3. Party Planning: Plan a get-together and assign tasks to ensure a successful Halloween or Day of the Dead party.

Scary Stories

  1. Thrilling Tales: Craft a hair-raising Halloween story using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, and enhance it with premium Halloween or Day of the Dead images.
  2. School Assembly: Build a PowerPoint presentation using Halloween or Day of the Dead art created by students as background visuals during a school assembly.
  3. Collaborative Storytelling: Create a Word template with specific words and phrases for classroom storytelling.

Microsoft Create

  1. Pumpkin Design: Use Microsoft Create to design the perfect pumpkin carving template.
  2. Ghost Coloring Contest: Create a ghost template and design a colouring contest for the best colouring project.
  3. Halloween Flyers and Invitations: Use Microsoft Create to design Halloween-themed flyers and invitations for your party.
  4. Ghostly Video and Storytelling: Create a spooky video with flashlight effects and narrate your best Halloween story to share.

So, whether you’re a parent, a kid, or a teacher, Microsoft 365 can be your new tool for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.