Welcoming a New Chapter: Transition to WindowsReport

Radu Tyrsina

I’ve always loved news. That’s how I made my first pocket money, that’s how I subsequently built WindowsReport.com into what it has become. However, content on the internet has to make money and that usually comes from different forms of articles. And that’s exactly what we’ve been very good across all of our newest properties over at Reflector Media: MacObserver and MS Power User.com.

But we felt that we didn’t produce as many news as we did, and that’s why we set out to expand our coverage. We’ve had some tremendous recent stories – the Legion Go coverage over at Windows Report being the most successful one, with basically all of the tech sites linking to us.

Thus, in the past few months we increased our focus on news coverage and that’s how we stumbled upon the potential acquisition of OnMsft.com; a website that I keep close to my heart, since it resonates with our common history over at WindowsReport.com.

We found here a capable news team, but a website with dwindling traffic; and given the obvious overlap with our own audience, we took the decision to redirect OnMSFT.com to WindowsReport.com. This means that in a couple of days, when you’ll access this website, it will automatically take you to our homepage.

However, we will keep the same level of coverage that you were used to here, but even more. We will preserve the team and will actually expand even further. Our goal is to transform WindowsReport and MSPowerUser into websites with truly enjoyable content.

Our first gesture of honor is to extend our deepest gratitude towards the wonderful community of readers and the diligent team of writers at OnMSFT. Your engagement and hard work have made OnMSFT a reputable platform in the tech discourse.

As we merge into WindowsReport, our core values and mission remain steadfast. We are committed to not only preserving, but enhancing the vibrant culture of informed tech dialogues that OnMSFT is known for. Our goal is to continue being a beacon of trustworthy and captivating tech narratives that provoke thought and foster a well-informed community.

To our readers, we assure you that this transition will augment the quality and breadth of the content you’ve come to expect. Our promise is to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the tech world with the same unyielding standards of integrity and curiosity. Thus, as soon as the transition is complete, we hope you will find our coverage at WindowsReport.com very interesting to read.

On a side note, we will soon release a brand new visual theme across all of our properties, which we think will make your reading experience very pleasant. We’re also working expanding our OpED section, as well as what we call internally Originals.

To our writers, we extend an invitation to join us on this exciting venture. Your expertise and passion for technology are the linchpins that hold our community together. We look forward to creating a conducive environment that nurtures your talent and continues to spark meaningful conversations among tech aficionados.

We are looking forward to embarking on this new journey with the same vigor and enthusiasm that has characterized OnMSFT. Together, let’s continue exploring the fascinating realms of technology while fostering a community that values respect, knowledge, and open discourse.

Feel free to reach out to my personally on my LinkedIn profile or leave your comment below. I’ll read and answer to each one. And I’m also really interested in your feedback on what content you’d like to read moving forward.

Warmest regards,

Radu Tyrsina, CEO at Reflector Media.