Microsoft Edge might be utilizing browsing history for Bing Chat and Copilot AI

Devesh Beri

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Integrating Copliot into various products and services by Microsoft has raised concerns about data privacy and how user data is used. In the case of Microsoft Edge’s Bing Chat and Copilot, sharing browsing data to personalize AI-generated answers and suggestions can raise privacy issues, BetaNews reported.

In the Edge’s latest Canary build, Microsoft is using browsing data to enhance the capabilities of AI tools like Copilot and Bing Chat. This practice aims to improve the user experience by tailoring responses to the user’s preferences and habits.

Users are presented with a consent screen when enabling the setting that allows Microsoft to access page content. While consent is sought, the concern here is that the significance of this setting might be easily overlooked, and it only appears the first time. Users may not fully understand the implications or how their data is used for personalization.

Users can disable this data-sharing feature by going to the Bing Chat section of Settings and turning off the “Allow Microsoft to access page content” option. This gives users some control over their data privacy.

In the evolving landscape of AI and data privacy, tech companies must be transparent about collecting and using user data. Users should be informed about these practices and provided with clear options to manage their privacy settings.