Microsoft Teams to introduce Chat Workflows in November 2023

Devesh Beri

Microsoft has recently updated its 365 Roadmap and announced a new feature for Microsoft Teams. This new update allows users to set up workflows within their Teams chats. This development has significant implications for improving communication and collaboration among team members. The feature is identified by Feature ID 180364 and was added to the roadmap on October 19, 2023.

Microsoft plans to initiate the rollout of this feature in November 2023, targeting general availability. Web, Mac, and Desktop users can use these chat workflows to streamline their work. The Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) cloud instance will implement the feature.

Chat-based workflows in Microsoft Teams streamline communication and task management, leading to more efficient teamwork, progress tracking, and productivity.

This development signals Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance and expand the capabilities of Microsoft Teams. This platform has become central to many organizations for remote work and collaboration. As the release date approaches, users can anticipate the integration of workflows within their chat experience, potentially facilitating smoother and more efficient communication within Teams.

Feature ID 180364 will soon be released for Microsoft Teams users, providing task and workflow management within chat conversations. Watch for its rollout in November 2023 to enhance your collaborative efforts.