Minecraft Spookyfest is back with new creepy content

Robert Collins

The Minecraft Spookyfest event is back for 2023, just in time for the Halloween season. And there’s plenty of creepy content for this year’s Spookyfest as seen over on Minecraft.net, so let’s get into it.

The first item on the list is the Bony Brawler Skin. This free skin is available on Minecraft Legends Marketplace.

As a hero, the whole Overworld has relied on you since the game came out – but now it’s time to embrace your spooky side and strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to mess with your friends. Yes, I mean the piglins. It’s always the piglins.

An image of the Bony Brawler hero skin, a skeletal figure with red eyes and a dark hood.

This month’s Lost Legend is the Creeper Clash. In this Minecraft Legends event players “Unleash the creepers on the piglins’ portals under the light of the creeper moon and destroy them while beating the clock.”

And in Minecraft, a free Minecraft Legends Hero Skin Pack includes four skins in addition to the Bony Brawler.

An image featuring the five characters included in the skin pack: four original Legends heroes and the Bony Brawler, fighting a variety of enemies in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. A build of the Well of Fate can be seen in the background.

There will also be a curated collection of spooky content on the Minecraft Marketplace from October 24th through the 31st. This will include maps, skins and mini games. Among them are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mutant Survival, Haunted Park, Haunted Mansion Battle and more.