Hands-on: Windows 10 build 16188 for PC with Edge improvements (video)

Posted by:Cody Carson

It seems to be a revived trend, Microsoft Edge is the focus of today’s release. As you should already know, Edge is the dedicated PDF viewer in Windows 10. Because of this, we’ve been seeing an increasing amount of focus being put into this experience.

With a PDF file open, you’ll find a couple new buttons in the action bar. There’s a rotate button, and a page layout button that let you change how you view or navigate your PDF documents.

Navigation is also being improved, with a table of contents button being brought in from Edge’s E-Book reader for documents who support it. This is incredibly helpful for navigating huge PDF manuals or booklets. You can just click on the title of a section and the page will scroll you there automatically.

You can now ink onto PDF documents directly through Microsoft Edge. Just click on the pen icon like on any other web page and start drawing. You have several tool options and the option to save your edits.

Windows Settings

The settings button in Cortana now redirects to Windows Settings, where all of her settings have been moved. This is done for the sake of discoverability, as many, including myself, argued that Cortana’s old settings page was a little out of sight or confusing. An entire settings page in the app has been dedicated to her.

Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge

A security system that was announced by Microsoft a couple of months ago is now available for testing by Windows Insiders. Windows Defender Application Guard is a feature that can now be enabled in the Windows Features dialogue.

Application guard is one of Microsoft’s moves against malicious attacks on devices or networked PC’s. Vulnerabilities are inevitable in a connected world, and attackers often exploit these by entering devices through things like malicious sites. Application guard in Microsoft Edge can allow you to open pages in a virtualized environment, preventing malicious or untrusted code from having direct Access to your system. Your PC must be compatible with Hyper-V to have this option available. It’s through this the pages can be virtualized. More details about how this system works can be found on our Website and searching Windows 10 Application Guard.

Now, as with all these new features, there are also quite a few issues, so be aware of that. The Windows Insider Program is not an expedited update route. It won’t cause your device to explode, but you aren’t guaranteed to run these builds without encountering some undocumented bug.