Coship says it is working on a Windows 10 Mobile device that dual-boots Android

Jack Wilkinson

Chinese manufacturer Coship has responded to a query on its Facebook page asking if it is working on a Windows 10 Mobile device. It came back, however, with a somewhat surprising response. Rather than work on a standard Windows 10 Mobile device that lacks apps, it is instead focusing its efforts on a mobile device that can dual-boot Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile and Google’s Android, giving users access to the look and feel of Windows 10 Mobile, with the option of switching to Android at will if they need to use any apps that are unavailable.

Coship - Windows 10 Mobile dual boot Android

Could this be the answer to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile problem? At face value, it would seem possible. It allows users to still buy into the Windows 10 Mobile platform and thus, increase its market share, while also giving the freedom of using any number of apps via Android. The result, however, would lie on people willing to purchase the device and use both operating systems – and that raises the question of how easy it will be to switch which OS is booted, and the speed at which it switches.

We’ll have to wait and see how well (or not) Coship manages this device, and if it sees the light of day any time soon.