PSA: The OnPodcast is back this week, and we’re talking about all things Microsoft!

Hello, everyone! Arif, Kareem, and the OnPodcast crew here with an announcement. After a one week break for Thanksgiving, the podcast will be back this week again, Sunday at 9 AM PT, and 12 PM ET on YouTube.

As always, we’re using the YouTube Premiere format, which means you can join us in the chat to discuss topics with us. This week, we’ve got a lot planned. We’ll be talking about Microsoft’s new holiday commercial and some squabbles about it.

Of course, we’re also chatting about Windows 10, too. We’ll be recapping some news from last week, which is the rumor about Android apps coming to Windows. We’ll also talk about some news from this week, in regards to the Windows Feature Experience pack, and what it could mean for the pace of new features in Windows 10.

Again, be sure to join is on YouTube this Sunday at 9 AM PT and 12 PM ET. Arif, Laurent, Kareem, and the OnMSFT crew will be in the chat to monitor your questions. And remember, you can always email us at [email protected] with your suggestions. Who knows, you might even be our next guest, too!