Latest Microsoft Edge Canary release brings Chrome-like grouped tab features

Kareem Anderson

Edge Canary Cropped

Microsoft’s Edge browser Canary development branch is usually updated daily and yesterday the company rolled out version 89.0.722.0 which brings a significant upgrade to the browser with Chrome-like grouped tab features.

The new features were first highlighted by Techdows. Since Grouped tabs features are coming by way of the  Canary development branch and appear to be officially supported in this capacity, we expect to see a full channel log drop later today.

Now Edge users running the canary branch of browser development will be able to test out Tab Groups and Tab Groups Auto-Correct features which supports users labeling their grouped tabs as well as the browser automatically generating tab groups from open tabs pointing at the same domain. As expected, all grouped tabs will be collapsible and function similarly to the way the feature is done in Google’s Chrome browser.

Collpasing Tab Groups In Action In Edge

Aside from being a Canary only release right now, the other catch to utilizing this new test feature is manually enabling it. Grouped tabs is not enabled by default. Users will need to go to edge://flags, search “Tab Groups to turn on the feature after updating to 89.0.722.0, which should be hitting browsers some time today.