You can now pre-order Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller for $99 and get it by the Fall

Arif Bacchus

Last month, Microsoft announced a customizable Xbox Adaptive controller designed for gamers with disabilities. Though they initially said it would launch “later this year,” you now have your chances at guaranteeing one for yourself. Indeed, pre-orders for the Xbox Adaptive Controller are now open, for $99 and with a shipping date timed for the Fall.

You can pre-order directly via the Microsoft Store, and have it shipped to you directly. There’s no solid date shipping date mentioned on the pre-order page, but many websites have reported that Microsoft will ship by August 3rd.

Features of the Xbox Adaptive controller include 19 3.5 mm jacks for plugging external switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks. There are also two giant programmable buttons, and symbols along the top side to help gamers find the right ports. Other elements of the controller include USB ports for thumbstick inputs, a headphone jack, and USB C and DC power ports.