Xbox One Windows 10 update preview opt-in going out tonight

Staff Writer


Director of Program Management at Xbox Mike Ybarra has confirmed that opt-in messages for the New Xbox One Experience preview will be going out tonight to preview program members.
Please note that, as clearly stated by the tweet, they are only sending out the opt-in invites, NOT the actual preview download, unlike what certain other publications have misleadingly insinuated. Ybarra further went on to clarify that this is only the opt-in. It is NOT a guarantee that you’ll be able to participate in this program, only that you’re letting them know you wish to participate in this program.
Director Ybarra’s tweets, if I may be so bold, can be a bit misleading, as sending out an “invite” suggests a participation guarantee. When someone is given an “invite” to an event, one does not typically go there expecting to have to wait and see whether he can actually enter the event or not. Xbox One’s history is riddled with PR snafus and poorly wrought communication, and I’m regrettably not surprised to see the trend continue here.
Details on this preview program and how to participate can be found in our earlier article here.