Microsoft Edge to get drag and drop file upload feature

Staff Writer

The Microsoft Edge team hosted a Q&A session on Twitter a couple of days ago where they encouraged people to ask anything about Microsoft’s newest browser. The session revealed some interesting facts about the current state of the browser and what features will be coming in the future.
The Microsoft Edge Dev team were asked this question but they couldn’t answer it during the Q&A yesterday:

Is the ability to drag and drop files into file upload fields coming?

The answer the team gave to this question will please most readers:

Drag and drop is a common feature in all other browsers, but Microsoft doesn’t pretend that the Edge browser is fully featured. Microsoft is building the browser from the ground up and it’s refreshing to see the company listening to user feedback.
Several days ago we learned from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore that tab previewing will come to Microsoft Edge in an upcoming Windows Insider build. Hopefully as more features are added to Microsoft Edge’s existing feature set, more internet surfers will start to use it.