Windows Terminal Preview 1.19: A wave of new features unleashed by Microsoft

Priya Walia

The upcoming Windows Terminal Preview 1.19, Microsoft’s evolving command-line tool, is about to get even better. The new version is set to introduce several exciting features and improvements that promise to enhance the user experience for both casual and power users.

“The Windows Terminal team is back with a new preview release! Windows Terminal Preview 1.19 introduces new features such as Broadcast Input, Web Search, the Suggestions UI and more,” the tech said in a blog post.

Broadcast Input

One of the standout features in Windows Terminal Preview 1.19 is the introduction of Broadcast Input. This feature allows users to broadcast the input from one terminal pane to all other panes within a tab. This can be especially useful for executing the same command simultaneously across multiple panes.

Web Search Integration

Another noteworthy addition is the integration of Web Search into the right-click context menu. Users can now perform web searches on selected text within their terminal window directly. This addition simplifies research and information gathering while working within the command line environment.

Emoji Support

In a playful twist, Windows Terminal Preview 1.19 introduces Emoji Support in the Command Prompt, allowing users to insert emojis into their commands and text. This feature adds a touch of fun and personalization to the command-line interface.

Unfocused Acrylic

For aesthetics and user experience enthusiasts, the introduction of unfocused acrylic support is a noteworthy addition. When a window is not in focus, it will appear with an acrylic effect rather than being opaque, creating a visually appealing experience. This feature was made possible thanks to community contributions.

Suggestions UI

The Suggestions UI is a new user interface element that provides text suggestions to users, including command history and saved commands. Enabling Shell Integration is required to use this feature fully, and it offers a convenient way to access and reuse previous commands.

Usability Updates

The new version also brings several usability updates, such as indicators for disconnected or crashed applications in tabs, improved search results information, and options for tab icons. These updates aim to make Windows Terminal more intuitive and user-friendly.

Performance Improvements

Under the hood, Windows Terminal Preview 1.19 includes various performance improvements, including reduced input latency and memory optimization. These enhancements ensure that Windows Terminal runs smoother and more efficiently.

Accessibility Improvements and Bug Fixes

The release also addresses accessibility issues, ensuring that Windows Terminal is accessible to all users. Numerous bug fixes have been implemented to enhance stability and resolve various issues encountered by users.

Stay tuned for this highly anticipated release, and experience a more powerful and user-friendly command-line environment with Windows Terminal.