Thanks to ‘Town Halls,’ Teams to support up to 10,000 attendees; via Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Devesh Beri

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Microsoft has added a new feature to its Microsoft Teams app, as announced on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The feature, known as “Town Halls,” allows users to set up and host large-scale events within their organization using the Teams application.

Key capabilities of the Town Halls feature include:

  • A new meeting template
  • Support for up to 10,000 attendees
  • Third-party eCDN (enterprise content delivery network) support – a private network that uses internal servers to deliver content to users within an organization
  • Green room functionality
  • Control over what attendees can see
  • Moderated Q&A sessions
  • RTMP-in (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) support – a low-latency, high-performance protocol that is ideal for live streaming
  • Live translated captions and more.

The feature with Feature ID 123148 was added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap on September 27, 2023. It is available on Microsoft Teams’ worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) cloud instances. It can be accessed on the web, desktop, and Mac platforms. The release phase for this feature is General Availability.

This update enhances Microsoft Teams’ capabilities, making it a versatile platform for hosting large organizational events. The Town Halls feature is set to become available to users starting in October 2023.

Microsoft also announced a VR experience for Teams via Microsoft Mesh.

As part of Microsoft Teams, users don’t even need to learn a new platform, making it an easy transition for organizations already using Teams for their communication and collaboration needs.