Windows Store in Windows 8 Release Preview now featuring desktop apps


With the recent release of the Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft has also updated and enhanced the Windows Store. The Windows Store has several improvements for both customers and developers. On top of that, the Store now features desktop apps.

“One important addition: desktop app listings will show up in the Store for the first time tomorrow, June 1st. Customers will be able to search for them or find them within categories, just as they do listings for Metro style apps. These are just listings—the desktop apps themselves are distributed by the developer or by a reseller, as they have been all along. The listing pages provide a link, supplied by the developer, to the distribution location. Servicing of desktop apps remains between the developer and the customer and is not handled via the Store,” Microsoft explains. Microsoft has also added a nav bar to solve navigation issues when browsing the Windows Store (see screenshot above). Best of all, the Windows Store now provides a unique app catalog for customers in 26 different markets. So what are you waiting for? Go start downloading those apps for Windows 8!