Microsoft aiming for a July 12th deadline for Windows 8 RTM?

Zac Bowden

According to some new rumours, Microsoft is planning to RTM (Release to Manufacturing) Windows 8 on July 12th this year. This news appears just after Microsoft announced plans for Windows 8 be Released to Manufacturing in 2 months time. RTM means the code for the OS will no longer be changed, instead updated.

The news comes from a forum that has sources close to Microsoft, they say that Microsoft is planning to RTM Windows 8 by July 12th 2012. Not only that, but the blog also thinks the OS will hit shelves on September 30th 2012, two months after the RTM has finished.

As Steven Sinofsky said in a recent Building Windows blog post, the company plans to finalize Windows 8 within a two month time frame, so that also confirms plans for a July release.

A user by the name of Canouna has also “confirmed” this news, stating that Microsoft is in fact aiming at a July release to manufacturing.