IE10 Platform Preview 6 on Windows 8 Release Preview features default Do Not Track setting


Microsoft has debut the sixth Platform Preview version of Internet Explorer 10, which comes with the recent release of Windows 8 Release Preview. In Platform Preview 6, IE10 features better performance, touch-friendly Flash player, and a ‘Do Not Track’ setting enabled by default.

“This sixth Platform Preview of IE10 delivers improved performance and support for touch-first HTML5, as well as a new power-optimized, touch-friendly Adobe Flash Player that enables content on compatible Web sites to play in the Metro style Web browser. IE10 also sends the “Do Not Track” signal to Web sites by default to help consumers protect their privacy,” Microsoft explains. IE10 on desktop mode or Metro style mode will use the same integrated Flash Player and will not require a separate download. Flash in IE10 will also feature support for touch gestures, such as double tap and pinch to zoom, as well as improved battery life. IE10 will also be the first browser to feature the “Do Not Track” setting enabled by default. Microsoft believes that this move is “progress and that consumers will favor products designed with their privacy in mind over products that are designed primarily to gather their data.” This update to IE10 is currently only available to those on the Windows 8 Release Preview.