Microsoft ‘feeling really good’ about Windows 8, more changes coming before final release


Microsoft made available the Release Preview of Windows 8 over 24 hours ago and it has already created a frenzy. Microsoft has yet to complete the operating system before going into the final release and plans on some last minute changes.

“Windows is unique in this way. No other product used by so many provides such an inside view of the choices and development of the product as it evolves—and sometimes we forget that we are talking about a product still under active development even while we are discussing the designs and actively using it,” Microsoft points out. Overall, Microsoft is feeling really good about the operating system and the company is planning a few more changes before the operating system goes final. “Our focus from now until RTM is on continuing to maintain a quality level higher than Windows 7 in all the measures we focus on, including reliability over time; security to the core; PC, software, and peripheral compatibility; and resource utilization,” Microsoft adds. Microsoft is planning on making some “special” feature changes to Windows 8 before it hits final.

“RTM itself is a product development phase, rather than a moment in time. We continue to roll out Windows 8 in over 100 different languages and we are preparing final products for different markets around the world. As that process concludes, we are done changing the code and are officially ‘servicing’ Windows 8. That means any subsequent changes are delivered as fixes (KB articles) or subsequent servicing via Windows Update,” Microsoft further explains.