Latest update for Plex on Windows Phone brings plenty of fixes and some new features

Kareem Anderson

Plex has been on a steady pace with Windows development lately. A couple of months ago, Plex updated its Xbox One app with Smartglass and music support. Over the last two months, Plex apps on both mobile and PC have received a healthy dose of bug fixes and performance tweaks. Last week, Plex dove into the Windows Universal App Platform releasing a beta version of its app to the platform.
Building on that momentum, Plex has recently issued an update to its Windows Phone app that totes several fixes and a couple of new features. The updated version reads and its changelog includes the following details:

  • (WP) (Activation) Some users were being asked to reactivate their phone app when it was already purchased
  • (Sync) Optimized storage usage calculation
  • (Sync) Deleted sync folder in recycle bin when device has no sync items
  • (WP) (Music) A number of problems playing music
  • (WP) (Music) Fixed music player orientation
  • (WP) (UI) Photo gallery lists now remember scroll position
  • (WP) (UI) Queue flyout was sometimes stuck under appbar (nown Microsoft bug)
  • (WP) (UI) Add to playlist dialog wasn’t showing existing playlists
  • (WP) (UI) Multi-select works after going back
  • (WP) (Prefs) Fixed slider widths
  • (UI) Managed users are no longer listed as friends
  • (WP) (UI) Video player now shows advanced media info when preference is enabled
  • (WP) (UI) Going back to pre-play page no longer jumps to cast pivot when no extras are present
  • (Live Tile) Use available connection when asking for tile content from a server
  • A number of user-reported crashes

New Features
Windows Phone Plex users can also look forward to Live Tile controls, the expansion of columns in music libraries, and initial prompts to apply bandwidth metering on a video played on metered connections. Other improvements include:

  • (WP) (Camera Upload) Stalled uploads
  • (WP) (Prefs) Nww “send diagnostics” button in advanced section
  • (Prefs) Moved bandwidth metering preference to media section
  • (Prefs) Music quality preference defaults to original

The app is free, and the update is in the Windows Store. To gain access to the apps list of full benefits, in-app purchases are encouraged.

Developer: Plex
Price: Free