Microsoft's Edge team is encouraging developers to build browsers

Jonny Caldwell

The Microsoft Edge Team just built a proof-of-concept browser to show developers that they too can build a web browser for the Universal Windows Platform. The Microsoft concept browser showcases how developers can use Microsoft’s web rendering engine, EdgeHTML, to create a universal Windows app using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other common web languages.
The browser offers a very basic web browsing experience, with buttons for back and forward, refresh, favorites, and settings. Some experimental features include full-screen mode and bookmarks management.

Much of the functionality of the app comes from Microsoft’s WebView control that gives developers a long list of APIs they can use that overcome some of the limitations with iframes. Developers use the x-ms-webview JavaScript element to declare a webview in HTML. The x-ms-webview element adds functionality that’s not possible in an iframe, such as better access to local content.
Developers can take a look at the app from the link from below. The source code is also available on GitHub, so developers can take a look at it if they wish.

JavaScript Browser
JavaScript Browser