T-Mobile stops sales of Lumia 640 just two months after release

Michael Cottuli

The Lumia 640 went on sale through T-Mobile on June 17th, and we were fairly impressed by it. The Lumia line of phones was central to Microsoft’s strategy on the mobile front. The Lumia 640 and 640 XL represented the best Windows phone for people who were on a budget but wanted sensible options. Unfortunately, if you intended to pick this device up through T-Mobile, you no longer can. T-Mobile pulled the device from sale recently, and when Windows Central reached out to them for comment, they responded by saying “We are no longer selling the Microsoft Lumia 640. Our stock/inventory changes based on the demands for particular phones.” [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Our stock/inventory changes based on the demands for particular phones[/pullquote]
If you’ve still got your eyes on one of these phones, not all hope is lost. Most retailers who sell phones (Microsoft Stores, Walmart, AT&T, etc.) are offering the Lumia 640 for around $100. This decision by T-Mobile, however, could be indicative of the sales that the phone has seen as of late, and we may see the device pulled from other shelves in the future. In the meantime, cross your fingers and hope this is an omen of things to come with a potential Windows Phone flagship device.