Windows Phone: New Logo and Linked Email Inbox


Microsoft has released a video showcasing an interview with the program manager who is responsible for linked inboxes in Windows Phone 7. The video shows how easy it is to receive email and link multiple inboxes. We also have a screenshot of what appears to be the new Windows Phone 7 logo.

With the highly anticipated recent release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, we expected numerous new features. Of the new features, it was discovered to contain a new logo. The logo is very simple and features nothing fancy, but simply a “tile” look. We no longer have a circle-based logo, but a square tile based logo. It represents a very simple look for the platform. What do you guys think?

Microsoft also published a simple 2-minute video that showcases the ease of linking multiple inboxes together. “Meet the people behind Windows Phone. Watch this interview with the Program Manager responsible for linked inboxes for a demo on how easy it is to retrieve email and link multiple inboxes, plus other exciting changes made to the email experience.”