Google patches 30 Chrome bugs, adds Instant Pages


Google has patched 30 vulnerabilities in its Chrome browser today by paying bounties to researchers who originally discovered the security flaws. Google also introduced a new feature called Instant Pages in its latest dev, Chrome 13, that allows users to pre-load top ranked search results.

Google paid nearly $16,500 this time in bounties for researchers who spent time to find and fix problems with the company’s Chrome browser. This was the third highest bounty the company has paid outsiders in an attempt to make Chrome be the safest browser out there.

Google, who produces an update to Chrome every six to eight weeks, paid $16,000 to ten researchers who reported 17 of the flaws. One frequent researcher, Sergey Glazunov, earned $2,000 for his contribution this time. Another researcher, known as “miaubiz”, has earned a total of $22,500 from the company for his contributions. Google has thusfar paid $110,000 to researchers.

The company also introduced a new feature called Instant Pages to its Chrome 13 browser. This new feature pre-loads some search results to Google’s servers and allows for a speedier browsing experience. This feature can be accessed by selecting “Under the hood” in the Prefrences/Options menu. Users can then select “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” to enable this feature.

Other new features making the light in this new build is print preview. This feature is available for Windows and Linux users, but is currently in testing.

You can download Chrome 13 here.