Apple’s Goes Live As Beta Site


Apple has apparently gone live with its iCloud website, which is set to be the company’s big cloud-based services push. The website is currently in beta and is apparently only available to those who have an existing MobileMe account on a OSX machine.

The new iCloud login page is designed like an Apple Store-like name tag on a lanyard. Many users, however, are having issues logging into the site. Some are able to and can work with apps, while others are prompted to move their existing MobileMe email, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks over to iCloud with a popup window that doesn’t work.

Of the new services, we get to see iCloud for Keynore, Pages, and Numbers. This allows you to ‘store your documents and keeps them up to date on your devices and the web.’ This new service allows users to view and comment on documents without using or owning iWork.

The new iCloud for iWork apps utilizes ‘iCloud for Documents’ as a new storage and sync feature that third party developers can incorporate in their own apps and allow for it to sync across other devices.

iCloud will come standard with 5GB of free online storage, but can opt for a 10GB, 20GB, and/or 50GB plan. Each plan requires an annual subscription and seems to be $2 per GB. It may be overpriced compared to other services such as Amazon’s Cloud Drive, but many people can argue that the service has a more robust set of syncing tools and that it is catered towards Apple products.

According to 9to5mac, the site is open for developers. View their website for screenshots.

Visit the website here.