Microsoft Build conference for Windows 8 sold out


Microsoft, which recently re-branded its annual developers conference to match the company’s new focus towards a “new generation of modern hardware and software development,” has apparently sold out that conference. The Build developer conference, which takes place in one month, is expected to showcase Windows 8.

According to the Build website, online registration has sold out. This is somewhat surprising, as Mary Jo Foley reports that many developers had a hard time convincing their bosses to let them attend this event, due to Microsoft keeping tight-lipped about the event and not really offering too much detail about what will take place.

Microsoft describes its event as: “Hear how the (Windows) UI was designed to work seamlessly with a diversity of devices and form factors. Go behind the scenes and learn all about the new app model that allows you to create powerful new apps. All while retaining the ability to use your existing apps. Web-connected and web-powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript have access to the power of the PC. Touch-optimized browsing, with the full power of hardware-accelerated Internet Explorer 10 transforms your experiences with the web. BUILD is the first place to dive deep into the future of Windows.”

We are expecting to see the first public beta build of Windows 8 during the Build conference.

BUILD takes place Tuesday September 13 to 16 in Anaheim, California. Visit the website: