Nokia Windows Phone to be officially introduced soon?


Nokia and Microsoft are reportedly having a party in Germany on August 17th to talk about Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Both companies reached a partnership agreement several months back and smartphone users have been eagerly awaiting to hear more.

According to the invitations that were sent out, there will be a live act, great djs, and free food. No mention about Windows Phone 7 but many reports are claiming that this will be the day both companies introduce Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

The party is scheduled for August 17th and is very important in the success of the Windows Phone platform, given the dominance of Android and iOS in the smartphone arena. Windows Phone 7 has apparently lost popularity since it launched back in November. Nokia also has lost popularity and money as sales dropped by a third in the second quarter of this year.

Just recently, we got to see leaked pictures and details about Nokia’s first Windows Phone powered device giving us a glimpse of the new smartphone. Codenamed “Sea Ray,” the phone is based on Nokia’s recent N9 phone, but slightly modified.

Nokia also unveiled the N9 smartphone and plans on launching up to 10 new Symbian based smartphone over the next 12 months. But analysts are criticizing Nokia for releasing a Meego powered smartphone rather than a Windows Phone. “The N9 comes too close to the expected launch of Nokia’s Windows Phone device to have any impact on its current smartphone woes. The strength of rival ecosystems leaves little room for MeeGo powered devices. It’s difficult to see the N9 being anything more than a niche device … the N9 will be a tough sell,” said head of research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood.

We have been hearing mixed messages on when a Nokia based Windows Phone 7 device would be officially introduced. Nokia Chairman Jorma Ollila had once stated that there wont be any new WP7 Nokia phones until 2012. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had stated that these phones would make it in time for the holidays this year. We then heard that no new Nokia WP7 phones would be seen until Mango ships. So when is it? Apparently, we will just have to wait and see for ourselves.