Windows Phone 8.1 is barely out, but how about some 8.1.1 rumors?


Windows Phone 8.1 is barely out, but how about some 8.1.1 rumors?

The phrase “they grow up so fast” certainly fits the fast moving pace of the tech industry. Windows Phone 8.1 is now in the hands of developers, and those enthusiasts who chose to install it. But it seems folks are already looking forward, saying “what’s next?”

That, apparently may be Windows Phone 8.1.1, and the first rumors about it, and what it will bring, have appeared on Reddit, thanks to a poster going by the handle “Microsoftly”. He has posted a lengthy list of the features that will be packed into this supposed update, and there are quite a number of them, including Cortana non-beta, features and music controls in the Action Center, and much more. In fact, here is the lengthy list of unconfirmed rumors for the update after Windows Phone 8.1:

  • Interactive live tiles
  • Lock screen applications will be built inside core system
  • Features in Action Center
  • Music controls in Action Center
  • More detailed notifications in Action Center
  • Dividing line in Action Center
  • Application Games to be deleted and replaced with Xbox One application dealing with avatar, messages, remote and other features.
  • Name to be decided YouTube application to be built completely with html 5 coding as requested by Google
  • Instagram application to have DIRECT MESSAGING and better video uploading capabilities and camera fixes UI for camera to be tweaked with enhanced features from Nokia Camera application
  • KIK Messenger to be finished in late June, overhauled design and html 5 support Skype with completely new design.
  • Messages in bubbles and chat heads similar to Facebook messenger?
  • Facebook messenger to have improved notifications, polished design and new set of fonts along with video chat, calling and improved emoji store
  • OneNote to have many new features as Word.
  • A possible merger Ability to set WordFlow’s guide line to accent invisible
  • Give users choice to have invisible tiles on individual applications
  • New lock screen gestures input and other unique, disclosed password input technique options
  • Calculator upgrades to version 2 with more scientific features
  • Month view drastically changed in design in calendar application
  • Alarm application to feature a stopwatch, timer and splits
  • Cortana to head out of beta
  • Internet Explorer applications
  • Give uses the choice to delete Podcasts application
  • New voice memo application Backgrounds (Accent Colour 2)
  • Store with wallpapers from featured applications
  • Ability to favorite applications in store to better suggestions
  • Unit converting applications
  • Change colour of keyboard to black, white, gray, accent colour without changing background color
  • Keep word suggestion bar hidden until something is typed
  • Tiles to update as frequently as 30 seconds if feature is turned on by user or developer
  • Music volume controls to be centered
  • OneNote having abilities to use art tools
  • Facebook application from official company
  • Email/Outlook application to follow same design as computer base
  • Photos will have description such as name, place and time

That is quite an ambitious list, but remember that it is a huge rumor and in no way (that we know of) did it come from Microsoft itself. Let us know what you think of this feature set and what you think is missing. Chime in via the comments.