Tell me why I should leave Android for Windows Phone 8.1


Tell me why I should leave Android for Windows Phone

I’m never afraid to try something new, particularly when it comes to software. I’ve tried out just about every mobile operating system that’s been available since the mid-90s, having worked my way through a terrifying number of handsets over the years. There was even a time when I was found to be wielding a BlackBerry, but the less said about that period the better! Now, while I am a fan of Microsoft, my primary phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android. My Windows Phone — a Nokia Lumia 928 — has lain largely unused for some time, picked up only occasionally to try out an app.

But now there is Windows Phone 8.1 to consider. Whether looked at as a Windows Phone user or an outsider, it’s clear that there have been a huge number of changes, and just about all of them seem to be for the better. It’s also clear that some of the changes have been borrowed from — or at least inspired by — a combination of iOS and Android. This is no bad thing; every operating system can learn from the competition, although obviously we want to avoid slipping towards a world of complete homogeneity.

Like iOS, Android is starting to stagnate. Progress is still being made, but the pace is starting to slow rapidly. I’m neither fickle nor fanboy, but I’m thinking about moving on. Windows Phone seems to be the operating system which is developing the fastest at the moment. Should I jump in with both feet and switch my allegiances, or should I hold out a little longer?

I love the tweakability of Android. Is this something I’ll learn not to miss in Window Phone? If you have made the jump from Android to Windows Phone, did it feel as though you were making compromises, or was it a step forward for you?

I want to hear it from the devotees and the not-quite-decided: why should I leave Android for Windows Phone? I’m a demanding user — what makes it great? Really great.

What are your favorite features and options? In what ways do you find Windows Phone 8.1 to be superior to the competition? Maybe Windows Phone 8.1 is the only mobile operating system you’ve used — would you (or could you) ever be tempted into trying out the competition?

Sell it to me! What is so great about Windows Phone 8.1? What makes it unique? Of course, one’s choice of OS is a very personal thing, but I’m still interested to hear your pitches. Go!