Microsoft targets women with new Surface 2 ad campaign


Microsoft targets women with new Surface 2 ad campaign

The world of computing is still one that is rather male dominated. But with its latest advertisement for Surface 2, Microsoft is attempting to increase the female user-base of the versatile tablet. The new campaign centers around the ventures of Loren Brill, owner of baking firm Sweet Loren’s Ready-to-Bake Desserts, and how Surface 2 helps her to manage her business.

She extols the virtues of the versatile tablet by explaining how it fits into her day to day work. Versioning makes it easy to try out different variants of recipes and the device’s camera comes in handy for taking shots of the finished products.

The Surface 2 is shown in all three of its states — used in the kitchen with a keyboard attached, used as a tablet, and also used with the kickstand to display yoga positions — and it’s put to a variety of uses. As well as recipes and exercise, it’s also used for Skype chats and the creation of PowerPoint presentations, including being hooked up to a much larger display.

Check out the ad for yourself and see what you think.

Does it make sense for Microsoft to try specifically targeting women with its commercials? Do you find it interesting that it is the Surface 2 that is focused on rather than the Pro model?