Windows 10 build 10009 includes the Spartan browser, screenshots emerge

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

The existence of Project Spartan isn’t news, as Microsoft has already announced that said browser will be coming to Windows 10 later this year. What is news however, is the fact that partners who have access to build 10009 can now use Project Spartan, as the browser is now included with the operating system. Because of this, screenshots of the Spartan app have emerged.

The screenshots reveal pretty much everything we’ve already seen thanks to Microsoft. There’s a favorites menu (with the ability to have a favorites bar), reading list, reading mode, and many more browser-like functions. The Spartan app is definitely a fully-fledged web browser, and a good looking one indeed.

Ignore the extra dock and calendar on the desktop in the screenshot, they are third-party programs and not included with build 10009 by default. So, since 10009 includes Spartan, does that mean we’re getting closer to having access to the app in public builds? Only time will tell.