Xbox head Phil Spencer shows off upcoming screenshot capability on the Xbox One

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox Head Phil Spencer shows off Xbox One upcoming screenshot capability

The ability to capture screenshots will soon arrive on Microsoft’s Xbox One in an upcoming update. Xbox head Phil Spencer sent out a tweet earlier today with a screenshot of the feature in action, letting everyone know he was glad to “finally be doing this on my Xbox One dev kit.” The ability to take screenshots on the Xbox One has been one of the most requested features by Xbox One users.

According to Spencer’s screenshot, it looks like you would press “Y” to take a screenshot, and “X” to record gameplay video. While not Spencer does not indicate whether Xbox One owners with Kinect will be able to voice a command like “Xbox, screenshot that,” it’s likely that there will be a voice command to take screenshots as well. Recording game clips is nothing new for the Xbox One, but being able to take screenshots and sharing them with your friends on Twitter and other social networks would be a very welcome addition to the Xbox One.

Spencer’s tweet likely indicates that the screenshot feature will be made available to Xbox One preview users first, before it is made available to all Xbox One users in a future official Xbox One console update.