Microsoft compiles new "fbl_impressive" Windows 10 development branch, replacing fbl_awesome1501?

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

The current development branch in which Microsoft distributes Windows 10 builds to Windows Insiders is titled “fbl_awesome1501”. FBL stands for “Feature Branch Level” and awesome1501 stands for “awesome in January 2015”. Of course, since January 2015 has now passed, it may mean it’s time to move onto a new branch name to keep everybody happy… Enter “fbl_impressive”?

Microsoft compiled this new branch on the 4th, but has only appeared in public logs today. It is being widely regarded as the replacement branch for fbl_awesome, which makes sense as Gabe Aul recently tweeted teasing a new name for the Windows Insider branch, claiming it will be “impressive”. I guess none of us thought it really would be impressive, but there you go.

The first known build compiled in the fbl_impressive branch is build 10013, which is newer than the 10009 we’ve seen in screenshots. Hopefully this means Microsoft is ready to ship the Spartan browser to public builds for testing, that’s if fbl_impressive really is for the public. Right now, there’s still a few 993x builds compiled in the fbl_awesome1501 branch which haven’t been used. Microsoft may opt to release them first before jumping to the 100xx range.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the name of fbl_impressive? Let us know below!