Blu Win JR and Win HD receive minor (but welcomed) software update

Hammad Saleem

Blu Win JR and Win HD gets minor software updates

Blu Win JR and Win HD are pretty capable handsets. If you happen to be a regular user of any of these two handsets, you should get an update notification soon, if you haven’t already. Both handsets are apparently getting a minor update, bumping the version to 8.10.14226.359. 

There’s no official change log available for the update, but reports suggests that it give users the ability to toggle cellular data from the Notifications Center. Other than that, we’re guessing it focuses mostly on bug fixes and improvements, which are always welcomed since it affects the performance of the device in a positive way.

Don’t panic if you didn’t get the update yet, it should arrive any time now. You can also manually check for the update from Settings, and let us know if it has arrived for your handset, along with the changes you notice.