Microsoft aims to improve the spam reporting process for Xbox Live users

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft aims to improve the spam reporting process in the next update, says Mike Ybarra

It hasn’t been too long since Microsoft released the February update for the Xbox One, and it seems we have a slight clue of an important issue which may be tackled in the next update. Some users are experiencing spam messages on their accounts, and Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra said the company is aware of the issue and is working on it. 

He further mentioned on Twitter that users who are getting spam messages should report them. “BTW, please report ALL spammers on Xbox Live messages. We look at them, we boot them!!” he said. Furthermore, he mentioned the company will make it easier for users to report spam messages, but until then, they are requested to edit their privacy settings to “Friends Only” to make sure they don’t get excessive spam messages.

Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to IGN:

“Microsoft allows Xbox Live accounts to send a limited number of messages every day to other users, and we are aware that some accounts are using this functionality to deliver spam messages. We are continuously working on ways to prevent the spread of spam messaging to our users through a variety of methods including removal of these accounts. We encourage members to report inappropriate messages by following the guidance on”

Once the new anti-spam feature is announced, we will let you know! Have you experienced spam messages on Xbox Live?