Tee-off with Mini Golf Club for Windows 8.1, available as a free download

Dave W. Shanahan

Tee-off with Mini Golf Club for Windows 8.1

Mini Golf Club is a fun game for Windows 8.1. The game is more designed for touch screen devices, but you can play with your keyboard and mouse just the same. You can also play using your Xbox controller, given you have the receiver for it. It has simple 3D graphics with fun gameplay. There are several 9-hole courses to choose from, where you try to avoid sandtraps, water hazards, rolling hills, wind zones and other obstacles that would be hard to accomplish at a real-world mini golf course.

Mini Golf Club is a mini golf simulator that is a joy to play. This game has a one-of-a-kind physics engine, so every level is unique every time you play them. Different variables like wind speed and course layout have a great effect on how many strokes it will take to get your ball in the hole. That’s what she said. I play it quite a bit and have fun trying to just get through the holes, let alone make par.

Mini Golf Club is free to play (with ads), $1.49 (without ads). Check it out at the Windows Store in the link below.