Download official recovery images for Surface RT/2 and Surface Pro 1/2/3

Zac Bowden


If you’re a proud owner of either a Surface or a Surface Pro device, you’ll be happy to know that if you ever stumble into a problem which renders your Surface unbootable, Microsoft has you covered with official recovery images which are downloadable directly from the Redmond giant.

The recovery images are available for every Surface device, that’s the Surface RT and Surface 2, as well as the Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3. Sadly, none of the recovery images come with the November Update included, meaning if you do recovery your device, you’re going to need to install lots of updates to get it back up to date.

Downloading the recoveries require you to sign into your Microsoft account and register your device. Once that’s done, you’ll be given a link to download. Simply extract the contents of the download onto a USB and boot that USB on your Surface. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to recovery your Surface device and things should be back to normal.