Uber for Windows Phone gets new update to improve performance and location search

Dave W. Shanahan

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When Uber for Windows Phone was released back in July, I was very excited. In the past, I had to rely on their webpage to try and book a ride through my phone’s browser, which did not always work and was an extremely frustrating experience. In Uber’s goal to be ‘’everyone’s private driver,” Uber released an update for its app on Windows Phone.

If you are using the Uber app for the first time, or you use it daily, Uber has updated their app to make it quicker and easier to find a private driver anytime and anywhere. Right when you open the app, it looks like Uber is trying to provide a uniform experience across all devices. Uber knows that in order to gain more customer base, you have to be versatile to operate on all software platforms, whether it is Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone. It would be great to see more companies follow suit and release official apps to the Windows Phone Store (i.e. Snapchat).

Uber does not get into specifics as to what in particular it fixed with its newest update, but they do address some performance issues and improved upon their location search. From what I can tell, it does seem a bit snappier and works a bit more smoothly with not as much lag time compared to when I have used it in the past. Mind you, I do not use the app daily, although I usually use Uber on weekends when I go out to grab a few pints. I also noticed that Uber improved the location search feature, as it seems it can locate you and your ride just a little bit faster.  I look forward to more improvements and features to the Windows Phone Uber app in the future.

If you do not have Uber on Windows Phone, you can download it via the link below! For a free ride, just enter “WPSTORE” as a promo code.