T-Mobile's online website no longer offering Windows Phone devices



Approximately two months ago, we learned that T-Mobile was no longer offering the Lumia 640, after just two months of being in the market. T-Mobile stated that they were no longer selling the device because their stock and inventory changed based on demands of particular phones.
Now, it appears that T-Mobile has removed Windows Phone as an option when searching for new devices on the T-Mobile website. As of right now, you can only search for Android, iOS, or BlackBerry devices. We’re not sure exactly how long T-Mobile has removed Windows Phone from their online inventory, but this does come as an interesting move on the mobile carrier’s part considering Windows 10 Mobile is right around the corner.
A T-Mobile spokesperson reached out to WinBeta and confirmed they are not selling any Windows Phone devices online at this time. The statement was a big vague (as most statements from spokespeople typically are).

“We routinely remove devices that we’ve stopped offering from the web, and currently we’re not selling any Windows Phones online (brick and mortar store inventories vary depending on location). That all said, we work closely with OEM’s to continually evaluate and adjust our portfolio. — T-Mobile”

Story has been updated to reflect the statement from T-Mobile