Windows 10 used by 25% of all Steam gamers

Mark Coppock

The latest Steam numbers are in, and it appears that Windows 10 has become a popular operating system for Steam gamers. According to the most recent data, Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit versions combine for roughly 25% of the Steam population. Steam usage on Windows 10 is up from 17% last month.

Steam usage by Windows version.
Steam usage by Windows version.

Gamers tend to spend their time on the bleeding edge, always pushing for the latest and greatest technology to squeeze out those last few frames per second. Seeing them adopt Windows 10 at four times faster than the general population therefore comes as no surprise, whether it’s because of general performance improvements or anticipation of DirectX 12.
In general, Windows remains the most popular Steam gaming platform, with almost 96% of the market. OS X comes in second at 3.23%, and Linux is a distant third at less than 1%. Despite contrarian belief, Microsoft has done little to hurt the status that Windows enjoys as the predominant favorite of PC gamers.