Game Troopers announces Super Monkey Star, headed to Windows Phone

Dave W. Shanahan

super monkey star

Game Troopers recently announced its newest game creation, Super Monkey Star, headed to Windows Phone (and Windows 10 Mobile?) by the end of 2015. According to the game website, Super Monkey Star is a 2D sci-fi action runner starring Bioweapon Ape 013 named Iter. Iter just escaped his captors on Spacecraft Fortress and goes on to wreak havoc on Planet Qvimian Prime.
As with other Game Trooper titles, like The Last Door, Abyss, and Imperia Online, Super Monkey Star will likely have a number of power-ups, enemies and possible Xbox achievements. Iter must battle through enemies armed with bionic weapons on Qvimian Prime to be victorious.
Check out the Super Monkey Star teaser trailer below.

In addition to Windows Phone, Super Monkey Star will also be coming soon to Xbox One and Steam. It sounds like it is going to be another fun and exciting Game Troopers creation.
Stay tuned to WinBeta for the official Super Monkey Star trailer when it is released.