Surface Pro 2 ‘wake and battery drain’ fix released, Microsoft still trying to fix botched Dec firmware


Surface Pro 2 'wake and battery drain' fix released, Microsoft still trying to fix botched Dec firmware

During the January 2014 Patch Tuesday, numerous Surface Pro 2 owners were eagerly awaiting a fix for the botched December 2013 firmware update that created several issues – including a ‘wake and battery drain’ issue. Microsoft promised a fix over the holidays and has finally released a partial fix today.

The Surface Pro 2 update, which was rolled out today, simply addresses the wake and battery drain issue that customers were experiencing. Microsoft is still working to fix other issues created by the December 2013 firmware update. 

“This weekend we released an update that addresses the unexpected wake and battery drain behavior experienced by a small number of Surface Pro 2 customers who installed the December Windows Update. This should have no impact on users already running the October Windows Update. We’re working hard to address the remaining Surface Pro 2 items from the December Windows Update,” a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet today.

On December 10th, Microsoft rolled out a firmware update for the Surface Pro 2. Immediately upon downloading that firmware update, numerous users began experiencing an error code (80070490) when attempting to install the update. For those who were able to install the update, new issues managed to surface (no pun intended) resulting in poor battery life. Microsoft eventually pulled the firmware update and promised an “alternative” firmware update after the holidays.

Surface Pro 2

While there is no ‘alternative’ update available yet, this minor system firmware update addresses the most important of the issues – unexpected wake and battery drain. For all you Surface Pro 2 owners out there, head over to Windows Update to snag this new fix. Let us know if you experience any new issues or if you see any positive improvements.