The top fifteen free Windows Phone apps right now include Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and more


The top 20 Windows Phone apps right now includes Instagram, WhatsApp, UC Browser and more

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store has seen tremendous growth over the past year, with several new key apps being added to the arsenal. It’s time to see which apps are at the top of the mountain. As of January 19th, the top fifteen Windows Phone apps include Instagram Beta, Kik Messenger, Facebook, Pandora, Adobe Reader, Skype, Netflix, WhatsApp, 6snap, Vine, Flashlight-X, Twitter, YouTube HD, YouTube (from Microsoft), and SkyDrive.

Instagram Beta continues to be the top Windows Phone app in the store’s top-free section. 6tag, an app that offered Instagram support long before the official app made its debut, has dropped in popularity. Kik Messenger continues to be the second most popular free app in the Windows Phone store and is simply a fast and personal smartphone messenger. Facebook, another free app, continues to be in the top five and also has over 47,000 reviews.

6snap, the unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone, remains in the top fifteen free apps list and is the most popular of Rudy Huyn’s apps, which includes 6tag and 6sec. Microsoft’s official yet controversial YouTube app for Windows Phone remains on the list, but is overshadowed by an app called YouTube HD, which offers the video streaming service in a modern and beautiful interface.

If you are curious about what paid apps are at the top, check out WallPapers HD – an app that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your device, Chromox – an internet browser that features the familiar ‘metro’ design seen on Windows 8, and Relax Melodies Premium – an app that helps you relax and sleep with soothing melodies.

Which of these fifteen free apps are your favorite to use?