Linux-based operating system ‘COS’ wants to be a more secure alternative to Windows Phone and Android


Lunux-based operating system 'COS' wants to be a more secure alternative to Windows Phone and Android

A new Linux-based operating system from China called ‘COS’ is looking to become a more secure alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android operating systems. The Chinese company behind the operating system is still looking for hardware partners to use its mobile and desktop operating system.

As ComputerWorld reports, concerns about secret US surveillance programs has fueled the development of another homegrown operating system in China. This time, COS – which stands for China Operating System – is not only Linux based, but also claims to be a much more secure alternative to Microsoft and Google’s offerings.

The company behind this operating system, Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology, claims that the operating system has already risen to become a national security matter. Not only is COS looking to take on Windows Phone and Android on smartphones, but also take on PCs, tablets, and TVs. However, it will be a while before the operating system is completed.

COS reportedly features HTML5 support and can run over 100,000 apps. No other details of the operating system were revealed, although we can tell via the screenshot above that COS appears to feature Android and Windows Phone user interface similarities. 

While the first step is coming up with an operating system, the next step is the most crucial. COS needs to win the support of handset makers and mobile carriers in China in order to develop and establish a mobile ecosystem around the new operating system. This is obviously much harder than it sounds.