New Timeline Storyteller makes data visualization easy in Power BI

Michael Cottuli

Power BI

If you’re a Power BI user who has been trying to get a little bit more out of the data visualization program, Power BI has introduced a huge new add-on that can help. It’s called Timeline Storyteller, and it’s specifically geared towards letting people tell a story with data. There’s a ton of different ways to visualize your data out of the box with the new add-on, and there will be more on the way as a result of the Power BI community’s involvement.

This 40-minute video put together by Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Data Journalism program does an excellent job of showing Timeline Storyteller in action. Some of these visualizations don’t really have their full impact by just reading the blog post, so we encourage you to check out the visualized walkthrough of the software on YouTube to get a good grasp of what Timeline Storyteller is capable of. There are some truly unique ways to go about representing data, here, and it’s a fascinating watch if you have time.

Timeline Storyteller is available right now, for free, on the Office Store. If you’re a Power BI user, it will very likely be a valuable part of your arsenal when you’re trying to take a truckload of data and have it make sense for someone to look at.