Logitech brings us back in time with their first trackball mouse in seven years

Michael Cottuli

Ready for a blast from the past? Logitech is bringing back the trackball, with their new “MX Ergo”. A mouse design that almost gained some traction back during the nineties, the trackball is an alternative to the conventional mouse that asks users to move their cursor around with the ball at their thumbs, instead of dragging the peripheral itself across a desk. This marks the first trackball mouse to come out of the company since 2010.

Tech geeks who remember the old trackball mouse may get a kick out of this, but they shouldn’t sell it short just yet. There are some people who will swear up and down that this almost alien-looking mouse is pretty comfortable when you get used to it, and can help you avoid inflaming things like carpal tunnel syndrome, or general wrist pain.

The MX Ergo retails at $99.99, and should be a nice change of pace for adventurous tech users who don’t mind straying from the tried-and-true mouse that has dominated this particular corner of the peripheral market for so long now. You can check out the store page right here.