Buy Destiny 2 from the Microsoft Store, get 6,000 MS Rewards Points

Arif Bacchus

Destiny 2 launched today, and Microsoft wants you to know that you can get rewarded for buying the game from the Microsoft Store. Noted on Reddit, if you purchase Destiny 2 directly from Microsoft, you will receive 6000 Rewards Points in return.

The offer is valid from September 6th until September 27th, although it is important to note that pre-orders will not count towards completion of the offer. As a bonus, you also can search for Destiny 2 on Bing before you play, and take a Destiny 2 themed Rewards Quiz to increase your rewards by 40 points.

The 6000 points can be turned around and used towards the redemption of other rewards, including Xbox or Amazon Gift cards, Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions, and more. Destiny 2 is developed by Bungie and published by Activision, and is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game. You can buy Destiny 2 from the Xbox store by clicking below.

Destiny 2 - Launch Edition
Destiny 2 - Launch Edition
Developer: Bungie
Price: Free