Google uses Chromebooks to lure Microsoft Partners to its cloud business

Kareem Anderson

CrossOver Chromebook Featured

As Google attempts to grow its cloud services, it’s doing so at the expense of Microsoft’s presence in the same market.

According to a report from, select Microsoft Partners have been receiving little Google-laden packages to lure them away from Redmond’s Azure service offering and over to Mountain View’s Google Cloud.

Over the past few weeks, Google has been ramping up its efforts by sending out packages that offer information and testimonials favoring Google’s Cloud as well as a Chromebook to conduct a Hangout meeting to further discuss the benefits of its technologies.

Something to keep in mind, is that Microsoft Partners are comprised of mostly companies who have already gone into an agreement (often at great financial expense) with the company to re-sell its cloud services, making this move all the most bold and aggressive.

As Google brings up the rear in a seemingly three-horse race, it would appear the company is looking to capitalize on any points of leverage or missed opportunities unprotected from either Amazon or Microsoft.