New features in Microsoft Teams (free) in September 2023

Devesh Beri

September was a big month for Microsoft teams, with many announcements via the Microsoft 365 roadmap, like these features currently under development and these new features on the way. Some features, though, have been already released, read on for the details.

Here are some new features in Microsoft Teams (free) as of September 2023. These features include community-specific notification settings and the ability for community owners to promote or demote community members. 

Community-Specific Notification Settings

This new feature allows you to choose whether to receive notifications for all activity in a community or just for certain types of activity, such as mentions or replies. You can also choose to turn off notifications for a community altogether.

This feature is especially useful for larger communities, where you may not want to be notified about every single message. You can also use it to focus on the communities most important to you.

  • On Windows 11, you can access notification settings for a community by right-clicking its name or tapping the (…) menu, selecting ‘Notifications,’ and choosing your preferred setting.
  • On Android and iOS, go to community settings by tapping the community name at the top of the screen. Then, tap the notifications icon in the top right-hand corner to select your preferred notification setting for the community.

Promote and Demote Community Members

This feature can be used to give trusted community members more responsibility, such as the ability to manage content and add or remove other members. It can also be used to remove members who are disruptive or violating community guidelines.

  • On Windows 11, to manage community members, right-click the community name or tap the (…) menu and select ‘Manage community.’ Then, use the drop-down menu to promote or demote owners. Changes take effect immediately and are saved automatically.
  • To access community settings on Android or iOS, tap the community name at the top of the screen. From there, you can promote or demote members. For larger communities, tap ‘Manage’ to see the full member list and make changes.

These new features provide users and community owners with more control and flexibility in managing their Microsoft Teams communities.