MSN apps for Windows 10 snag new improvements

Arif Bacchus

MSN Apps

The MSN Suite of apps for Windows 10 just got a fresh update thanks to Microsoft.

Although no update information is listed in the version notes tab, MSN Weather, MSN Sports and MSN News were all just updated to a more recent build. The updates should be rolling out across to all mobile and desktop devices running Windows 10.

Some indications show that the updates include minor updates, such as an update button and humidity and barometer support in the Weather app, and a dark mode for the News app.

For those who did not already know, MSN Weather allows you to get the latest weather conditions and forecasts for whatever you do. MSN News, meanwhile allows you to see the top stories of the day and breaking news from the world’s best sources.

Have you noticed anything new after updating these apps? Let us know in the comments below!